Our BrainWallet® Review
"The BrainWallet® Protects Your Valuables, Improves Back Health,  And Still Manages To Make You Look Great."
"In fact – These wallets are becoming so popular as a way to protect your valuables, that Brain Farm is having trouble keeping up with demand."


With the average citizen now carrying hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars...
...worth of valuables on them at any moment; including their smart phones, cash, license, credit, and debit cards, there aren’t too many ways to keep your valuables safe.

And unfortunately most of us can relate to how inconvenient and expensive it can be to have your wallet or credit card stolen. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to keep both of those safe – a BrainWallet®.

Designed with 100% Genuine Carbon Fiber, an RFID chip, and a SecureLock™ Money Clip, this slim beauty is now the most innovative wallet on the market that keeps your valuables secure.

In fact – These wallets are becoming so popular as a way to protect your valuables, that Brain Farm is having trouble keeping up with demand.
My Honest Review:
…It just felt right when you held it in your hand.

My biggest concern was that the wallet was going to be too thick to want to carry around. But it wasn’t. It’s thin, sleek, stylish and I barely even noticed it in my pocket.

It worked just as advertised. Lightweight, ultra-slim, and we even tried to use an RFID credit card scanner to see if we could "steal" my card when it was in the wallet. It passed with flying colors. The wallet kept my valuables secure.

(Side note: the SecureLock™ money clip kept my cash safe when our friend attempted a simulated pick pocket.)

But my favorite feature was definitely the insanely quick card access. With a perfectly engineered finger slot, the cards slide up once you apply pressure from the button. I honestly couldn’t stop doing it. I felt like James Bond wherever I went to pay for anything.

The BrainWallet® is proven to be another piece of technology I now don’t think I can live without. It’s like buying insurance for your phone and valuables without the hassle of having to carry any additional devices or trackers around. It’s simply built into something you already carry around with you on an everyday basis.

I consider it an extremely small investment for the ease of mind and comfort of knowing you’ll never lose your wallet and it's valuables again. Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on a wallet, you'll need to act quick as they've been sold out a lot due to the high demand.
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